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GTA 6 may be impacted by in-person work at Rockstar



Rockstar Games' call for all employees to return to work 100% in person in April was not very well accepted by the company's team, and now, on the eve of the return, people on the team are worried. For them and for GTA 6, the company's major project, which would be the focus of this “final sprint” during the year.

The Games Radar website spoke to two company employees, on condition of anonymity, and they revealed that there is a concern that some people will not accept the regime.

“We are quite worried about losing staff because of this or that there will be a major negative impact on people's health,” said one of them, who cited the crunch as a constant fear.

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“We are worried about going back to that. I worked on a few projects, both with tight deadlines. The first one was extremely difficult. I had a lot less gray hair back then. We want to continue moving forward as a company to eliminate this toxic culture,” he added.

GTA 6 should be released in early 2025, according to the most recent speculation in the international press. And the main argument for returning to offices is precisely because of information leaks. According to employees, however, this has always happened (see Red Dead Redemption 2), regardless of in-person, hybrid or remote work.

In fact, many other studios are involved in the production of GTA 6, remotely, and this does not hinder productivity at all.

New GTA 6 trailer coming out in April? Understand rumors

It all started with the inclusion of a plural word on the Rockstar website. Then, it is still unknown from where, the rumor came that a new GTA 6 trailer would arrive in April. Several profiles started to replicate the information and, on social network, the subject is already being widely discussed. But, after all, is there any truth to this?

For now, nothing confirmed. However, if the speculation really comes to fruition, it is very likely that there will be a statement soon. Remember all the hype for GTA 6's 'Trailer 1'? Much of it was because of a post from Rockstar Games itself confirming the date on which it would be published. A month before posting it. Understand more about the rumor by clicking here.

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