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GTA 6 may not run at 60 FPS on PS5 Pro at launch, suggests Digital Foundry



With PS5 Pro configurations appearing on the Internet and becoming increasingly detailed, the power of Sony's supposed new console has attracted attention. Although many think that many games will have high frame rates on hardware, things may work differently for GTA 6.

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Even with the supposed more than 33 Teraflops, improved ray tracing, resolution technology, all of this would not be used to its fullest. According to Digital Foundry, the reason is very simple: Rockstar would not be preparing a performance mode for the game.

Analysts believe that, if the graphics performance on the base PS5 is 30 FPS, the same settings will be transferred to the PS5 Pro. Higher resolutions and qualities for the more powerful console would only be released if Rockstar itself worked on the device, and for Digital Foundry this should not happen at launch.

Of course, it's worth noting that Rockstar hasn't said anything about GTA 6's performance or anything like that so far. Following a similar path, the PlayStation 5 Pro remains an unknown, after all, Sony has not yet officially revealed it. For now, everything is rumors.

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