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GTA 6: The release date has reportedly leaked, can we trust it?



The GTA 6 launch window and even a specific date have been leaked by a number of credible leakers who have been proven right in the past. But how reliable is the new information?

Originally reported by Metro, multiple sources indicated that GTA 6 would launch in the first quarter of 2025. Potential players were previously exasperated by the wait, after the 2025 release window was revealed in the first trailer as well. expected from the game.

Since then, Jason Schrier of Bloomberg has suggested that the game will arrive earlier in 2025. This new information seems to corroborate with leaker source JarlOfRivia suggesting a release for “maybe January or February”.

Another leaker by the name of Nuro went further by claiming that GTA 6 would launch on February 18, 2025. It is the veracity of these sources that needs to be examined.

How reliable are the GTA 6 release date leaks?

We certainly don't consider Jason Schrier a “leaker,” but the veteran reporter has a solid nose for news and can be considered reliable for both news and opinion. His years of experience breaking some of the biggest stories in the industry make him arguably the most credible source.

Especially after announcing the GTA 6 trailer ahead of schedule. Its suggestion of the first quarter for 2025 therefore leaves the field open for an exit during this three-month period.

On the other hand, JarlOfRivia is well known for predicting video game trailer content with near-perfect accuracy. Their prediction for a January or February release would rely on an internal source, but there's no way to verify any of this with absolute certainty.

Nuro may not have predicted the contents of the GTA 6 trailer, but he did target a specific release window and has previously leaked surprise updates for Red Dead Redemption 2 in advance.

Bets are therefore off and leakers have made their choice for a precise release date for GTA 6. February 18, 2025, however, falls on a Tuesday, a decision that may seem strange for what analysts call the release “the most important” of the history of video games.

You can decide for yourself how seriously you want to take these GTA 6 release date leaks. Especially given Rockstar's (and the industry in general's) recent track record with delays.

For our part, we prefer to take them with a grain of salt.

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