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GTA Online is donating 2 million in-game; just talk!



GTA Online animais

Do you want to earn 2 million coins in GTA Online? Rockstar Games is offering this handsome amount to some players who can chat with the devs to build an evaluation of the game experience.

It's true that 2 million, at this point in the championship, isn't even enough to do that much in GTA Online, but in any case, the company's initiative is interesting, because it apparently seeks feedback from players for possible improvements in the future – not only in GTA V as, most likely, in GTA 6.

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“As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the player experience, we are planning to schedule a limited number of one-on-one chats with select players to talk about their Grand Theft Auto Online experience. These discussions will last about an hour each and will be conducted remotely,” said Rockstar Games in an email sent to some players.

Unfortunately, however, there is no way to sign up to participate. The selection is random, and those chosen are only communicated via email.

Free GTA Online story update is available

Rockstar Games has released a major update for GTA Online. The Cluckin' Bell Aviary Raid narrative event is now available on all platforms and will take players into the middle of a conflict with corrupt police officers and cartels.

The protagonist, Vincent Effenburger, seeks justice after being fired from the Diamond Casino and Resort. Determined to combat corruption in the police, he plans to dismantle a drug cartel operating out of the Cluckin' Bell facility. Find out more here.

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