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GTA trilogy hits 30 million downloads on Netflix



Released in December 2023 on Netflix, GTA Trilogy reached an impressive milestone on the streaming service: 30 million downloads. And Brazil was one of the countries with the highest number of game installations worldwide.

The numbers are from the Mobile Gamer website, via Appmagic, and indicate that San Andreas was the main success of the trio, installed 20.5 million times by players, while Vice City registered 6.5 million installations and GTA 3 totaled 3.3 million so far.

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As for the devices used, iOS leads: it registered 15.8 million installations of San Andreas compared to 4.7 million on Android. For Vice City, that split is 4.9 million on iOS and 1.6 million on Android, while GTA 3 had 2.4 million players on iOS and just 929,000 on Android.

Brazil on the list of countries that downloaded the most GTA

Finally, the majority of players come from the United States, with each game having more than 23% of its player base coming from the country. Brazil appears in second place, with 11%, in San Andreas downloads, and third in the other two, with 5% and 6%, behind India in both cases.

It’s worth noting that the streaming giant confirmed last week that it is looking for a new head of gaming, with former division leader Mike Verdu moving on to start a new “gaming innovation” team at the streaming giant. .

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