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Guerrilla Games may be working on multiple games as a service



Horizon’s Guerrilla Games may be taking a break from single-player titles to work on games as a service. Job listings indicate that the studio is looking for professionals to support future projects aimed at the online community.

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On the careers site, you can see that there is a demand for a Senior Producer and a Senior Live Producer. However, what stands out is the description: “ensuring the smooth and efficient delivery of our live service games”.

This information does not make it clear what future Guerrilla Games titles will be, but it practically confirms that several online projects are in development. One of them must be Horizon’s multiplayer, which hasn’t been new for a long time.

Horizon Zero Dawn promotional imageHorizon Zero Dawn promotional image
Source: Sony

Guerrilla Games “splits” GaaS with Bend Studio

Recently, Sony detailed the role of several PlayStation Studios companies. In addition to Guerrilla Games, Bend Studio, from Days Gone, would also plan a portfolio with games as a service, although they would still remain in the single-player department.

Meanwhile, Santa Monica, Insomniac Games, Naughty Dog and Sucker Punch Productions continue to work on games focused on narrative and single-player experiences.

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