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Gulf War could be open world



Call of Duty Black Ops Gulf War

The supposed Call of Duty Black Ops: Gulf War, planned as the next big game in the franchise, should bring major renovations. Rumors indicate that the game will have a complete open world system, with elements inspired by the Far Cry series.

Insider Gaming sources suggest that the title will come with open-world missions built from scratch, unlike some one-off objectives in Modern Warfare III. Additionally, the navigation system will include vehicle handling mechanics and a fast travel feature.

Most of Call of Duty Black Ops: Gulf War would be set in vast zones, but some activities would consist of a linear journey. Under these terms, the campaign would be under development by Raven Software, while multiplayer and Zombies would be handled by Treyarch.

The report also indicates that Russell Adler, from Black Ops: Cold War, will be part of the main team of operators, after an important role in the game. The title would be released in October 2024, with platforms yet to be confirmed.

call of duty black ops cold warcall of duty black ops cold war
Source: Activision

Call of Duty 2025 could follow Call of Duty Black Ops: Gulf War

Another news shared by the site concerns the 2025 Call of Duty. Previously titled Project Saturn, the game would repeat the open world pattern of Call of Duty Black Ops: Gulf War, but apparently does not yet have a designated main studio.

According to Activision, the title would have a map separated into several unique biomes. The strategy for adapting an open world instead of a linear experience would be to “simplify” development above other aspects.

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