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Halo & Gears of War creators want to see their games on PS5

Die Schöpfer hinter Spiele-Serien wie Gears of War oder Halo setzten sich dafür ein, dass ihre Spiele auf PS5 verfügbar sein werden. Wie aussichtsreich dieser Wunsch ist, ist derzeit jedoch unklar. Durch die neue Third-Party-Offensive von Microsoft fühlen sich immer mehr Entwickler ermutigt, ihre Spiele außerhalb von Xbox zu veröffentlichen. Bei First-Party-Studio Games gilt dies



Halo & Gears of War creators want to see their games on PS5

The creators behind game series like Gears of War or Halo advocated for their games to be available on PS5. However, it is currently unclear how promising this wish is.

Microsoft’s new third-party offensive is encouraging more and more developers to publish their games outside of Xbox. For first-party studio games, this initially applies to smaller titles such as Sea of Thieves or Hi-Fi-Rush. It remains to be seen whether larger AAA games will follow.

Xbox strategy follows Netflix

The Gears of WarCreator Cliff Bleszinsky sees some similarities in Microsoft’s new strategy to Netflix, which has followed the same path. He told GameRant that the chances of it finally happening have never been greater:

“I think that’s what Phil Spencer is aiming for. He chooses the Netflix model. That started with Xbox Game Pass and then like Netflix, they realized they needed to be available on every device. People have been joking about Gears of War coming to PlayStation for well over a decade, and I think, “The more the merrier.” If people own a PS5 and can play and experience the next-gen Gears games, that means more Gears of War tattoos.”

Cliff Bleszinsky is hoping for a PS5 release of Gears of War
Cliff Bleszinsky is hoping for a PS5 release of Gears of War

Halo is “pretty sure” coming to PS5

It looks similar with Halo that the former Xbox boss Peter Moore no longer considers it to be completely out of the question and already sees the shooter on PS5. After the recent discussions about Microsoft’s strategy, he firmly expects that big AAA games like Halo will follow.

Moore told IGN that there is certainly already discussion about it internally.

“I’m sure these conversations are happening. He makes it clear that he doesn’t know if it will ever happen, but says it will “absolutely happen, I’m sure of it.”

Both games are older game series that Microsoft will initially prefer. Things look different with new releases Starfield for which there is currently no PS5 version in the works.

This is currently being referred to by Windows Central Managing Editor Jez Corden, who, according to his own sources, can say with considerable certainty that this is not the case Starfield is being worked on for PS5. That is not to be expected in the foreseeable future, although he cannot say how the industry will develop in the next few years.

“Since some people ask me about the latest Starfield rumors, I can definitely say: I have good sources that no one is currently working on Starfield for PlayStation. No one knows what the longer-term future holds, but don’t expect it any time soon.”

The first first-party games from Xbox are already available for PS5. The big highlight, Sea of Thievesfollows at the end of April.


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