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Harold Halibut will be released on April 16th for PS5



After a decade of development, the long-awaited stop-motion adventure Harold Halibut has a release date. The title will be available on April 16 for PS5, Xbox Series and PC and has a new trailer released during the Future Games Show.

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A game about friendship and space life, the title takes place in an underwater city, where a group of retrofuturistic inhabitants search for the true meaning of “home”. In search of a new Earth, the laboratory assistant seeks a way to make his current home more inviting for everyone.

But containing the waters of a space ocean won't be easy, and the journey to make Harold Halibut's world drier is just beginning. Check out the new trailer below:

Learn more about Harold Halibut

Read the game's description below, according to its official Steam page:

You are Harold, a young laboratory assistant to the ship's chief scientist, Jeanne Mareaux. Although most of the inhabitants have accepted life aboard the sunken ship, Mareaux is still working around the clock, searching for a way to get the ship off the planet and find a new, drier home.

But the weird, wonderful, and diverse people of FEDORA I also keep Harold busy… until a fateful encounter plunges him into a world no one would have imagined, one that may hold the key to Mareaux's relaunch plans.

What are your expectations for this new space adventure? Comment!

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