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Harry Potter actress reaffirms: franchise is for “children”



Harry Potter stopped being just a film adaptation of JK Rowling's books a long time ago. A community and culture was created around it and the passion of the fans still remains burning. But apparently, this bothers actress Miriam Margolyes, who once again criticized the series' lovers.

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In an interview with ABC News, the fact that she said that this universe was for children irritated some of the internet users once again became an issue. Apparently, she doesn't regret her words and reaffirmed her position, even with the presenter wearing a Gryffindor scarf when asking the question:

I'm not unhappy about making the films, I just think it's for kids! If your balls have dropped, it's time to move on. Go do other things! It is serious! It's a phenomenal series, a fabulous set of films. I'm very proud to have been part of it, but it was 25 years ago. Grow up!

Professor Sprout in the Harry Potter films holding a Mandrake

In the franchise, Margolyes was present in “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” (2002) and then only appeared again at the end of the saga, in The Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011).

The franchise, apparently, still remains very much alive in the hearts of children and… adults. After all, Hogwarts Legacy, the saga's open-world RPG, was the best-selling game of 2023.

Just like the Harry Potter films, Hogwarts Legacy is still full of secrets

One of the Hogsmeade stores has a surprise setting in Hogwarts Legacy that few have noticed. Depending on which door you choose to enter, the interior of the establishment changes completely. Look here!

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