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Hawked dev comments on weapons and survival options



Proposed as a renewal in the extraction shooter market, Hawked is an experience that focuses on gameplay consistency. From weapons to equipment, everything was designed by MY.GAMES to guarantee efficient shooting, based on successful formulas in the industry.

In a recent interview with Game Rant, Andrew Duthie, executive producer of the game, gave more details about the gameplay and design choices. According to him, extensive research was carried out with other games of the genre to determine the ideal way to explore weapon attributes.

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Duthie revealed that Hawked sacrifices the satisfaction of overpowered weapons to deliver a more reliable experience. Therefore, understanding the behavior of each piece of equipment and how players should deal with them in different situations is ideal for survival.

We believe the most crucial aspect lies in the predictability and consistency of weapons. Our players are exceptionally perceptive when it comes to spotting any discrepancies or bugs in our weapons.

Even the slightest deviation from expected performance, such as a shotgun being slightly out of cadence, does not go unnoticed.

During matches, Renegades not only have to deal with different equipment characteristics, but the most efficient means of traversing zones. While defending their positions, they have access to mechanisms to float in the water and take advantage of the verticality as they prefer.

Source: MY.GAMES

These new features are “just the beginning,” and more mobility accessories are on the way from Hawked. They join the recently released Snap-Track Ward, which allows you to mark an anchor point on the map and teleport to that location quickly.

How to ensure your survival in Hawked

As a competitive extraction shooter, Hawked is determined by the skills of all participants, and victory is not guaranteed without good teamwork. However, some tools can help a lot when collecting artifacts and treasures.

The game's executive producer recommends that players bet their chips on trinkets scattered around the scene. Among them, the highlight is the Purewater Elixir, which heals life during battles, and the Collector Coil, capable of increasing the shield according to the number of gadgets.

Finally, Duthie suggests that the Renegades take over the Recon Raptor and Familiar's Boon. Respectively, these equipment reveal caches of lost tools and summon a pet octopus that restores the shield.

Source: MY.GAMES

Hawked is available for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and PC.

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