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Hazbin Hotel: season 2 shares reassuring news for its release date



Hazbin Hotel, Prime Video's hit animated series, is all set to return for a season 2 – and the wait time would be “reasonable” according to its creator.

The finale of Hazbin Hotel left the door wide open for a sequel, in a plot that promises to be even bigger after the end of Extermination. We also know that the redemption that Charlie dreams of is possible, after the return of a character in the guise of an angel to Paradise.

Beyond all that, the first season ended in intense suspense, especially concerning Lilith's hiding place. His reasons as well as the future of Charlie and company will be revealed in season 2 of Hazbin Hotel. And, according to series creator Vivienne Medrano, fans wouldn't have to be patient for too long.

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The creator of Hazbin Hotel offers an update for season 2

Season 2 of Hazbin Hotel will probably not be broadcast “before a year and a half, or even two years“, as designer Vivienne Medrano revealed. But she wanted to reassure fans: no, it's not that long!

In an interview with ScreenRant, the filmmaker explained that she has no idea of ​​a set release date at this point, but due to her past experience on season 1, she more or less has an idea. of the thing:

I'm a big believer in giving creations the time they need. And for the production, I mean, I clearly don't know the expected release date or the goal or anything like that, but basically the first season took about a year and a half, two years to complete. So, I think it'll probably be similar, just because we're in the early stages. But it won't be that long of a wait, if we take into account the usual deadlines for animation. And I think it will be worth it.

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The pilot of Hazbin Hotel was originally released on YouTube in 2019 and took a few years to fully develop, before Amazon released a full-fledged series. Unlike live-action, animated series take longer due to dubbing, animation and other editing issues.

Erika Henningsen, who lends her voice to Charlie, has already teased on her social networks about her return to the recording studio to work on season 2. But we will still have to be patient before finding out the series on Prime Video.

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