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Heavy gaming scene may appear in Sonic 3: The Movie



Players who know Shadow's story are concerned about the appearance of a possible heavy scene in Sonic 3: The Movie. In addition to the introduction of the new hedgehog, the cast of the feature film has an unprecedented cast, suggesting a Sonic Adventure 2: Battle moment in production.

This moment that is haunting the community involves a child named Maria. In both the Sonic X anime and the game mentioned above, the girl ends up being important in Shadow's lore. She ends up being killed to see her hedgehog friend escaping from a facility. Check it out below:

Maria can be played by Alyla Browne, Verity from The Secret Kingdom. After her presence in Sonic 3: The Movie was revealed, the internet reacted this way:

Parents of Sonic fans when they see a child get shot with people cheering (for it).


We all know what happens 😔 #sth #sonic #sonicthehedgehog #fyp #sonicmovie3 #mariarobotnik #shadowthehedgehog

♬ original sound – Sonic The Hedgehog 🌈♾️

Sonic fans at an IMAX 4D screening of Sonic 3, when an innocent child is shot to death in front of his best friend, who now suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and cannot shake the pain, guilt and sadness, which has now evolved into anger and hatred (but it's a reference to Sonic Adventure):

The producers have not yet confirmed who Alyla Browne will play in this new adventure. The film will be released on December 20th in cinemas.

He comes back! Sonic 3 will see Jim Carrey return as Robotnik

No career break for Jim Carrey. The movie star will return in Sonic 3 as Robotnik, the franchise's biggest big-screen villain to date. Find out more details here!

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