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Helldivers 2 derivative products: Players between admiration and criticism



New Helldivers 2 merchandise has arrived, bringing Democracy right into your wardrobe – but some players don't seem impressed.

Certainly, Helldivers 2 talks a lot about democracy and the protection of Super-Earth against the clutches of the Terminides or the Automatons, but that doesn't stop you from wanting to have style while doing it. In the game, Helldivers have different armor and capes to stand out. And now, players now have some awesome merch to do the same thing IRL.

PlayStation has finally launched a series of merchandise for Helldivers 2 and fans aren't quite sure what to think. Indeed, many criticize the prices and applaud the ingenious creation on sale.

The Helldiver 2 Merchandise Line Is Out and Fans Don't Know What to Think About It

Helldivers derivative products from Playstation

With a series of different T-shirts, including one representing the classic Orbital Precision Strike (Orbital Precision Strike), a Helldivers 2 hoodie and cap, as well as the mug Cup of Liber-tea (A cup of Liber-tea) so beloved, Helldivers 2 derivative products have taken the community by storm.

Many soldiers line up to buy clothes or a mug – but at the same time, even more of them criticize the prices of the items.

So to confirm: €95 for a basic printed hoodie » commented one user, pointing out the high price of the standard hoodie in the PlayStation store. Others shared their concerns, focusing particularly on the motives: “ Why such a basic design? 100% missed opportunity “.

Another added: “ 22€ for a mug?! while the official T-shirts on Amazon are €16.99? » The official apparel offering is shared between PlayStation and Ripple, with the latter providing the T-shirts and apparel.

However, many other fans were excited to see the beloved game get merchandise representation. Some have also pointed out that “ this mug would go well with some liber-tea “. Some even call for the addition of more derivative products: “ I'm still waiting for a Corrosive Titan plush “.

There are currently no announcements regarding additional Helldivers 2 merchandise, but it's clear that, even though they're expensive, fans love being able to proudly represent Super-Earth and Democracy.


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