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Helldivers 2 devs address players' attitudes after the failure of a Priority Order



Helldivers 2 players recently suffered a significant setback during a recent Priority Order, and High Command didn't mince words regarding the ” addicted to the Creek “.

Helldivers 2 players have long lamented the meme status of the planet Malevelon Cove and its impact on the joint effort the game promotes. The previous Priority Order has once again fallen victim to the Cove and the evidence seems indisputable.

On the Helldivers 2 Discord, the High Command (Arrowhead) detailed the latest turning point in the galactic war. Following a twist from Game Master Joel which forced players to choose between defending Draupnir or freeing Ubnea, general indecision and Helldivers attached to their habits have therefore moved away from the main objective of this Priority Order.

Also, High Command explained that those fighting on Ubnea “ were unable to convince enough Helldivers to go and fight on the Automaton front “. These other fronts being the planets controlled by the Terminides in the galactic east, including the famous Malevelon Cove.

Looking into the game's background, Helldivers 2's High Command revealed that if the 35% of bug-fighting players in the east had lent a hand on the robot front, Ubnea would be ours.

Unfortunately, ” the average of 25% of players » who refuse to leave the Cove would have been more useful in the liberation of Ubnea.

The High Command therefore openly accuses the Helldivers on the Terminide front and the faithful of Malevelon Cove, while the players point the finger at Arrowhead. They criticize the mechanism of invisible support lines, which makes certain planets accessible once others are freed, for its lack of clarity.

The fact that the information discussed in this Discord post is not offered to the entire player base is also a point of contention. “ Why is this only present on the discord server? » asked a Helldiver. “ I want to have this info in the game, not in a minority section of social networks “.

Despite the challenges and failures in Helldivers 2, let's remember that collaboration is the key to success.

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