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Helldivers 2 devs confirm the cause of some crashes



As Helldivers 2 developers work on a patch for crashing and crashing issues, they have advised players to stop using electricity-based weapons like the Arc Rifle.

Helldivers 2's March 20 patch brought with it a series of balancing changes and bug fixes. Several crash-related errors have also been resolved with this particular update.

Of course, the Helldivers 2 community had no problem welcoming the new list of changes. But it didn't take long for fans to realize that the patch brought as many issues as it did resolutions.

Many players have expressed concerns about the surprising increases in difficulty. Reports of the game crashing quickly spread, with users blaming this infamous patch.

Helldivers 2 Devs Identify Cause of Crashing and Crashing Issues

As relayed by a Reddit moderator, the Helldivers team addressed the ongoing crash issues in a recent post on Discord. The developer’s statement mentioned that “ we have identified the cause of the crashes that many players have experienced… »

An update to address the issue will be rolled out next week. In the meantime, Arrowhead recommends against the use of “ Electric Cannon, Blitzer Shotgun and Tesla Tower, as they seem to be related to the problem “.

Players would therefore do well to avoid these energy weapons, lest Helldivers 2's crashing issues manifest in the game.

Below is a screenshot of the Discord message:

The original poster said he asked the developers why the team wouldn't just disable the weapons in question.

Doing this would require rolling out another patch requiring separate testing and verification for the PC and PlayStation platforms. This makes it easier to inform players about the issue and focus on releasing the real patch next week.

We don't yet know exactly when this next Helldivers 2 update will be released. But it seems that it won't be waiting.

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