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Helldivers 2: Game Master Joel takes revenge with a hellish Priority Order



After a bit of bragging from Helldivers 2 players, a challenging new Priority Order has just dropped. We're pretty sure this is Joel's punishment for our pride.

Helldivers 2's latest Priority Order is live and it's serious. Basically, the Helldivers will have to liberate five planets in just three days to succeed.

This is the most difficult challenge that the valiant children of Democracy have faced so far. His timing is really suspect though. In fact, the players had fun provoking the notorious Game Master Joel two days before it was put online.

Helldivers 2 Players Think Last Difficult Priority Order Is Joel's Fault

On Reddit, Helldivers 2 players believe that this new mission is the result of Joel's revenge against those who denigrated him. Honestly, it's hard to think otherwise.

On the Helldivers subreddit update post for the new Priority Orders, Helldivers are stunned. Indeed, many blame their overconfident counterparts.

This is what happens when we taunt Joel with how quickly we not only completed the last priority mission but also liberated two more planets. “, said one player. Others accused him of “ put the difficulty at the suicidal level “.

Fortunately, the spirit of Super-Earth is strong in the face of adversity, and many Helldivers are up for the challenge. Plans have already been drawn up and cries of defiance have been raised.

I'll be damned if I let Joel win this time. We have liberated these other systems and we will liberate these too! » said an enthusiastic player.

Helldiverse 2 Characters

The Helldivers are not ready to be let down by Joel, the Game Master

This Priority Order takes place in space controlled by the Terminides. So quickly put on your insect repellent boots. Only time will tell if the Federation's elite can coordinate the defense of two systems at once in Helldivers 2.

However, let's look at the positive: we are going to fight insects and not robots, phew!

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