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Helldivers 2 Game Master needed “emergency help”



You know that story about the “Game Master” from Helldivers 2, inspired by Dungeons & Dragons? Well, “poor” Joel needed help. After all, it's one thing to run a tabletop RPG for friends. Another, completely different, is to command an online cooperative shooter with peaks of more than 400 thousand simultaneous users.

Arrowhead's community manager, Baskinator, spoke about the subject in a conversation with fans on Discord. When asked about the GM position, she responded that there was an adjustment in the team.


“That's why we made an emergency expansion of the GM team. He's just a person, and he just wasn't sleeping. I remember during the weekend of the release, he was texting me at 4am because we were the only ones awake. Unfortunately, our scope was much narrower at launch. We expected fewer players and easier means and methods of communication,” he commented.

As for specific details about how the system works, Baskinator said his work includes conveying player feedback to Joel and his team and further mentioned plans to provide “deep dives” into the system – such as allowing Joel to directly address the community.


Fake discount on Helldivers 2 causes confusion on Steam

The success of Helldivers 2 has apparently started to attract too much attention on Steam. According to the insider Wario64 and reports on the internet that were confirmed after a publication by Arrowhead, attempted to copy the shooter's page on the PC marketplace to deceive several consumers.

It all started when several unofficial discounts appeared for the game on the computer platform. Obviously, with the current success and all the hype surrounding the title, many ended up being seduced by the proposal, however, this was a farce. Read more by clicking here.


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