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Helldivers 2 has a Dungeons & Dragons-style “Game Master”



Did you know that the concept of “Dungeon Master”, from Dungeons & Dragons, is present in Helldivers 2?

In an interview with PC Gamer this Wednesday (28), the CEO of Arrowhead Studios, Johan Pilestedt, revealed that there is an employee of the studio who acts as the game's “Game Master”, being responsible for initiating the tasks and missions that players will have to comply in the game.

“We have a real person with the role of Game Master. We have many systems built into the game where the Game Master has a lot of control over the gameplay experience. It's something that we're continually evolving based on what's happening. And as part of the script, there are things we want to keep secret because we want to surprise and delight,” he commented.

According to him, the mechanics are really similar to those of the classic tabletop RPG. The main difference, of course, is the fact that you are dealing with millions of people, not your friends – for whom you can customize the challenges much more.

“It's the same format when you build it for millions of players, it's just that you can't be as personal with each individual. But it is still possible to make the same twists and turns”, he added.

Helldivers 2 sold twice as many units in its second week

The official sales figures for Helldivers 2 have not been revealed until now, but after rumors that the title reached the 1 million copies mark in just three days, going head to head with the hyped Palworld on Steam, now it appears that it has not is showing signs of diminishing popularity.

The trusted and famous gaming industry analyst, Mat Piscatella, from the firm Circana, made a post on social media saying that Arrowhead's co-op shooter sold more than double the volume of its opening week in its second week on the market. Read more by clicking here.

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