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Helldivers 2 has an invasion of Automata and becomes a Vietnam of Robots



Helldivers 2 is looking to revitalize its reputation as “Vietnam of robots” and Arrowhead announced a “silent” news on social media. Robot armies have returned to gameplay with the growing threat of Automata and new worlds are under attack.

The developer announced a change to the game with a short, cryptic video on the official account, featuring armies of Automata fanning out to invade the system on the massive intergalactic war map. Check out the content below:

Additionally, defense-based missions are now active in the game. In these missions, players must evacuate a certain number of citizens as quickly as possible while the Automata attempt to exterminate them.

When Helldivers 2 was released, PS5 players noticed that there was a Trophy for completing a Defense Mission, but they didn't find one in the game. With the update, the missions were activated, allowing the Trophy to finally be obtained.

From the looks of it, the challenge was successfully launched by Arrowhead. One Twitter user reported that he played one of these new escort defense missions on medium mode and said it was “genuinely more difficult relative to any other mission he has done in extreme mode.”

Helldivers 2 has “friendly fire” between enemies

Another interesting fact about Helldivers 2: enemies can get in each other's way during battles and cause damage to each other, making combat easier. Didn't know about this? Check out this record made by a fan!

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