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Helldivers 2 has trophies for missions without dying and without shooting



The famous website PSN Profiles revealed the complete list of trophies for Helldivers 2, the next PlayStation 5 console exclusive. And, it seems, platinum won't be easy, but it promises a lot of fun and many challenges along the way. The objectives that draw the most attention are those of finishing a mission without dying (but on Extreme difficulty) and one that asks you to complete a phase without firing a single shot.

Obviously, there are very simple trophies, such as completing the tutorial and for playing your first Bug mission and first Bot mission, and of course, killing everyone – for example, eliminating 150 enemies in a single mission and more than 5,000 in total. Others are related to enemy types and possible gameplay tactics. Overall, there are 38 trophies, in addition to platinum.

Helldivers 2 will be released on February 8th for PS5 and PC. Purchase your physical media with free shipping and the lowest price guaranteed through the link below.

please note that the PlayStation Game Size profile on X revealed that the game will take up less than 25 GB on your video game's SSD. The cooperative action title can now be installed by players who own copies. Click here to learn more.

Helldivers 2 previews praise co-op combat mechanics

Last Friday (2), the first previews of Helldivers 2 were aired and feature never-before-seen gameplay footage. While combat is highly praised by experts, the need for teamwork is reinforced as a crucial element for survival.

According to the materials, the battle experience would be the game's biggest attraction. Through dynamically generated levels, players must gather in groups of up to four elite soldiers to cut through hordes of insects of all sizes. Read more here.

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