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Helldivers 2 Lore: History of Creatures, Robots, and Broken Promises



Greetings, citizens of Super-Earth. It has come to our attention that traitors are propagating inaccurate notions about the Great Crusade. In an effort to stem any threats to Democracy, we have written a complete history of the lore of Helldivers 2.

If you've joined the fight against the loathsome Terminides and Automatons in Helldivers 2, congratulations. You are therefore an steadfast citizen of Super-Earth. As well as a champion of Democracy which must be broadcast across the galaxy.

It's been a pleasure to see footage from the front of highly trained Helldivers creatively taking on the Corrosive Titans. So, this promises to make for some excellent recruitment footage for the next generation of Helldivers 2 soldiers.

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However, for every display of bravery and heroism, there are protest speeches that claim your glorious government is lying to you. We launched this initiative to rectify the situation. The Youth of the Federation named it the lore of Helldivers 2 to please as many people as possible.


Helldivers 2 CharacterArrowhead Game Studios

The following Helldivers 2 lore has been approved by the Super-Earth Federation.

Helldivers 2 Lore: The Glorious Rise of Led Democracy

Long before the events of Helldivers 2 and its predecessor, Super-Earth was a place of indecision. The advent of Managed Democracy saved our ancestors from the political paradox of choice that slowed down our master race.

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As the in-game encyclopedia annals of the original Helldivers state: “ Using computer-assisted voting software, citizens are asked to answer several questions, and the outcome of their vote is decided by the computer. This eliminates the uncertainty that existed in old systems where voters did not fully understand what they were voting for, giving rise to Managed Democracy “.

Some weak-willed individuals have compared this system to a personality test, but it is much more than that. Additionally, the Impeccable Federation can determine your innermost thoughts and feelings and correctly select the right leadership for true citizens who have earned the right to vote.

Slanderous opponents of our mighty Federation have suggested that our state-of-the-art voting machines could be tampered with to rig elections. This is a dangerous lie that assumes our technology is somehow fallible.

It's also incredibly illegal to express oneself in this way and punishable by up to life in prison or even death. Ignore and report anyone who makes these kinds of statements, because they have probably gone crazy or their brains have been hijacked by our enemies.

Helldivers 2 characters with a flag and a weaponArrowhead Game Studios

Proud Helldivers fighting for Super-Earth

Helldivers 2 Lore: First Contact with the Terminid Plague

Thanks to the ingenious implementation of Managed Democracy, Super-Earth was able to prosper. Thus, its inhabitants invented faster-than-light travel in the year 2084. Soon after, we came into contact with the Terminides, unsentient and murderous creatures.

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The idiot residents of Super-Earth who have forgotten their history claim that when we first encountered the Terminids, they were open to communication and were not hostile. They go so far as to accuse the peaceful Super-Earth Federation of being the aggressors in this tragic conflict.

Wild conspiracies claiming that your leaders wish to prolong the war with the Terminides have spread. So-called because they can be farmed for vital fossil fuels. You may see communications during your missions that say: “THIS THREAT IS ABOUT OIL” or “WAKE UP!” THE THREAT OF CREATURES IS A CONSTRUCTION OF THE SUPER-EARTH.” Destroy them immediately for XP and Super Credits.

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Our scientists had nothing to do with the recent Terminid outbreak. Suggesting it makes you a hippie traitor. The sweet oil we collect from their corpses is only one positive aspect to the dark cloud that hangs over Directed Democracy.

Weapons from Helldivers 2Arrowhead Game Studios

A hostile Terminid fought by valiant Helldivers.

Lore of Helldivers 2: From Cyborgs to Automatons

To understand Automatons, you must first remember Cyborgs. Indeed, the latter harassed our Helldivers during the first Galactic War. Made up of traitors to Managed Democracy who advocated Socialism – the weakest political ideology – these humans then multiplied. Their goal ? Compete with the naturally stronger and smarter soldiers of the Federation-approved Democracy.

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It seems this hippie trash went even further. Indeed, they abandoned the little humanity they had left to become Automatons. Their socialist leanings were obviously incorporated into their programming.

The more astute Helldivers, who can approach them without being spotted, can hear them singing things like “We have eliminated inequality” in their stupid robot voices. This is an obvious lie. Why would some be able to kill you in one hit with a Rocket Launcher while others can't? Equality, indeed.

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Furthermore, information has reached us according to which terrorist cells are spreading false information about the Federation's desire to appropriate the AI ​​of the Automatons to consolidate our electoral software. Every brave man and woman who has been on Malevalon Creek knows this is false.

Robots in Helldivers 2Arrowhead Game Studios

Automatons that must be fought at all costs for Democracy

So we hope that this look at the lore of Helldivers 2, approved by the Federation, has enlightened you. You may have been exposed to thoughts or ideas that weaken your resolve and commitment to Led Democracy. Also, we suggest you salute the Super-Earth flag to reiterate your faith. (Breaking this obligation may be punishable).

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Finally, for those who are able to see through the lies of Super-Earth's enemies and want to be the best Helldiver possible, check out our Helldivers 2 guides and news for approved combat tactics.

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