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Helldivers 2 microtransactions, an example to follow according to players



Helldivers 2 is by far one of the most popular games around. Players are loving this brand new title and are now praising Arrowhead for setting the future standards for microtransactions.

Helldivers 2 is an incredible game that has taken the live service market by storm. It is one of the most popular titles on Steam, with over 300,000 players competing daily.

However, in addition to a fun and engaging gameplay loop, players are also pleased with how the developers have handled microtransactions. In fact, they like it so much that they are willing to spend money to buy things from the store.

The discussion on the topic was started by a Reddit user who wanted to praise Arrowhead for making credits farmable in the game. They also clarified that credits can be used to purchase armor and that the minimum amount that you can spend is $2.

There are various ways to hunt for resources in Helldivers 2, and you can find credits by completing missions in vaults and crashed probes. The player believes that other companies would have locked down the credits system and that Arrowhead deserves credit for not doing so.

Other players have commented that they feel the same way and are very happy with how microtransactions are handled by Helldivers 2 in general. One such player added: “Arrowhead does a phenomenal job with Super Credits, Super Store and Warbonds.”

Another user added: “For me, it's a kind of paradox. If a company tries to take money from me, then I don't pay them, but here I bought a full pack of credits a few times just to support the developers.”

A player also said: “If you like the system, which I really do, support them by purchasing a few dollars of credits!”

“I'm actually planning to buy the new pass with cash, even if I have enough to buy 3 passes now, I'm willing to give them the money to be great sportsmen”another fan revealed, showing how similar microtransactions and transparency can be beneficial to the game itself.

It's clear that players are extremely happy with how Arrowhead has handled things so far. They believe that Helldivers 2 does not create FOMO (Fear Or Missing Out) for players, which encourages them to support the game even more.

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