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Helldivers 2 patch speeds up connection on PS5 and fixes bugs



Arrowhead continues to do a strong job supporting Helldivers 2 and has released another update with fixes and improvements. This time, the focus was on the PS5 connection and several bugs that needed attention.

Update 1.00.13 has already been released for PS5 and PC. Check the notes:


  • Login speed and error messages on PS5
  • Support for AZERTY keyboards, allowing ship HUD shortcuts to be reworked


  • Super Credits not showing after purchase or collection
  • Premium Warbond not being accessible after purchase
  • Crash that could occur when a player changed rank or title
  • Missing HUD text for Procurement and Social menus
  • Crash that could occur when navigating the mission Hologram
  • Unlimited stratagem use glitch that occurred after an AFK kick
  • Missing equipment issues after being kicked for being AFK
  • Purple question marks appearing after a player is sent off for being AFK
Helldivers 2
Source: Arrowhead Game Studios

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