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Helldivers 2 player discovers peace of mind with permanent War Bonds



Helldivers 2 players unlearn old habits thanks to the more permanent nature of Warbonds, the game's answer to Battle Passes.

Helldivers 2 became an immediate success within days with hundreds of thousands of players immersed in the Galactic War. This investment led the community to come together to succeed in Priority Orders.

What drives this engagement is a mysterious Game Master named Joel who is pulling the strings in the ongoing conflict. Helldivers 2 players praised this method of storytelling and the game's development team for their attitude ” pro-consumer “.

A Helldivers 2 player traumatized » by other games in direct service congratulates the developers of Helldivers 2

Among these aspects is the absence of temporal restrictions for War Bonds. Reddit user u/WhereDid_The_Time_Go explained that elements of “ hostile live service » in other games had it « traumatized “. This is why he wanted to salute Helldivers 2 for its approach.

As such, the developers of Helldivers 2 have publicly stated that War Bonds and included unlockable content will remain in the game permanently. And this, even when new ones are added. They have also implemented systems where the in-game currency to purchase Premium War Bonds is fairly easy to accumulate in-game.

The player revealed that before he remembered it, he was frantically looking for SuperCredits after being conditioned by other games to complete a Battle Pass. “ Being able to take my time without having to stress about getting something is an incredible breath of fresh air “, he admitted.

Other players have reported similar instances where they forgot that Helldivers 2 War Bonds content will not disappear. “ Same, I feel like I have to rush to finish the first obligation when it's not going anywhere. » replied a Helldiver. “ Thanks, Arrowhead guys “.

The combination of permanent War Bonds and large-volume currency makes Helldivers 2 relatively unique. So the general feeling is that these inclusions bypass a lot of the usual complaints that hurt other titles in the genre.

Helldiverse 2

Helldivers 2 recently launched the Vanguard War Bond which introduces a series of new weapon and armor types to the game.

In conclusion, don't rush and have fun spreading Democracy in Helldivers 2. War Bonds are here to stay.

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