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Helldivers 2 Player Shares Real Evidence of New Flying Terminides



Helldivers 2 players have confirmed appearances of new flying Terminides, and even Super-Earth can't deny their existence now.

Shortly after the March 12 patch, Helldivers began spotting a series of new Terminids as they struggled to unleash Termicide on the ordered planets. However, after reporting these apparitions to the community, Super-Earth (the developers) quickly dismissed these treacherous thoughts, denying any evidence of new Terminides.

However, one player shared a Reddit post revealing what is probably the most concrete evidence of these flying insects.

Player Shares Evidence of New Terminid Flying Bugs in Helldivers 2 at Their Own Risk

“It's all real, the lasers, the flying Terminids, everything,” the user insisted, showing a clear screenshot of the new insects.

Despite the fact that the evidence is irrefutable, players quickly took to the comments to accuse the player of betrayal.

I can't believe there are insect sympathizers everywhere, come on man, super earth trained you better » joked one player. Another commented: “ it's out of control now they're putting lasers and flying bugs together and they expect us to believe a cheap lie. Contact the nearest democracy officer, helldiver “.

Despite the skepticism, the player insisted the experience was real, protesting that they ” were on Estanu » and that the group « was heading towards downloading the data when we were attacked from the skies! »

Naturally, the community is so excited and dedicated to the game, that they remain true to Super-Earth loyalties, even though the proof is right in front of them.

Despite the evidence, players are pretty excited to see new enemies, and potentially a new faction, coming to Helldivers 2.

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