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Helldivers 2 players are convinced an old enemy will return soon



Helldivers 2 players theorize that a classic enemy from previous games could soon arrive, wreaking havoc on Super Earth and surrounding planets.

To win the battle for democracy and protect Super Earth, the Helldivers must first understand their enemy, and then they can begin to blow up him and the planet they reside on. Since the initial release of Helldivers 2, two races have threatened freedom, the Automata and the Terminids. Luckily, players have mastered how to take them down using handy builds and tons of explosive Stratagems.

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However, players believe a new challenge could be on the horizon, and some fans are convinced a classic enemy from the first game could make an appearance – which doesn't bring hope to those who faced them previously.

Helldivers 2 Players Think The Illuminated Ones Are Coming Soon

“Something big is on the horizon” posted a player on the Helldivers 2 Reddit, revealing that this major enemy was “strangely absent” of the game and the entire northern part of the map seems empty of life, which could suggest that something new is coming in a future update.

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Additionally, they also explained that “The Illuminated have excellent camouflage and teleportation technologies” which could explain why they have not yet been detected.

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As first seen in the original Helldivers, the Illuminated are an advanced pre-aquatic race who are quite technologically advanced. They posed quite a threat in the first game and may prove to be tougher to fight than the Automatons that many players are currently battling against.

“It would be crazy if the Illuminated attacked Super Earth directly and we had to defend from within.” one user commented, pointing out the percentage of liberation hovering above the planet. Given their cloaking and teleportation skills, this could certainly be possible and would probably send the community into a panic.

Others have argued that the faction might come from a different place: “I think they will come from the south. So far, the factions' position relatively matches that of HD1. But I think there is room for a 4th faction in the north.” So deadly force could come from either side.

Ultimately, the Illuminated are a powerful and popular faction, and they were also mentioned in Helldivers 2, so it's not impossible – but no word has been released by the developers so far.

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