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Helldivers 2 players are delighted with this new reward



The Helldivers 2 community has found new inspiration to spread Managed Democracy after the developers announced a big new reward for a Major Order.

Major Orders are just one of the ways Helldivers 2 aims to bring its community together, as it gives each player a common goal to work towards in order to complete it.

By doing this, fans will usually receive a large reward in the form of one of the in-game currencies, making the extended effort more than worth it.

The new Major Order raises the bar even further, however, with a hefty price tag that has Helldivers 2's player base ready to dive back in as soon as they can.

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Helldivers 2 fans love the new Major Order reward

The new Major Order was released today to the community, asking everyone to help liberate the planet of Veld by completing missions there.

The massive prize promised for completing this objective is a whopping 45 War Medals for each player.

For context, War Medals are the currency that players use to unlock content in Helldivers 2 War Bond battle passes, which are the primary source of all cosmetics and weapons in the game.

The response to this reward has been overwhelmingly positive, with one fan making a post on the game's subreddit saying: “That’s a real reward for spreading Managed Democracy.”

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Others agree with this, saying that this reward will give the game a big boost:

“Yeah, 45 medals is a HUGE boost for players with low playing time and a real good chunk for no lifers like me. I think it's clear they're getting better at it, once the war really gets going I imagine there'll be plenty of cool stuff going on.”

Many say that having something like this to achieve helps with some of the game's progression bugs that irritated many Helldivers 2 players.

In another post referring to the reward, another user says: “Or maybe it's just the game developers giving us something simple because of the state the game has been in over the last few weeks. Developers saying: 'Thanks for being patient with us!'”

All things considered, the Helldivers 2 community is finding inspiration to fight again after this week's devastating loss to Malevelon Creek.

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