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Helldivers 2 Players Ask for Game's Most Disappointing Weapon Buff



Find out why Helldivers 2 players are clamoring for the revolver buff, considered the most disappointing weapon in the game currently.

The main thrust of Helldivers 2 is to empower players by providing them with a myriad of weapons and tools to bring freedom across the galaxy.

While the experience was well received, some aspects of the balancing were a concern for players. Indeed, most primary weapons seem weak compared to the Crusher Shotgun, leading players to focus on meta builds rather than having fun.

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As more players experiment with the game's weaponry, the list of buffs grows, with players sharing their feedback on one of the game's most disappointing weapons: the Senator.

As players become more familiar with the arsenal available in-game, the list of buff requests increases. And in fact, the Helldivers recently expressed their opinion on one of the weapons considered so far to be the most disappointing: the P-4 Senator.

Helldivers 2 Players Want P-4 Senator Revolver Buff

For those who have unlocked it, the Senator Revolver has been a topic of debate in the Helldivers community. Some players love the weapon for its incredible power, while others find it disappointing due to its reload speed.

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In a post shared on Reddit, player MeetAmbitions5522 shared his dream buff for the Senator revolver, namely a fast loader.

The idea was popular, with many agreeing that changes are absolutely necessary. “Unbelievable they don't use fast chargers. We need this ASAP, along with a significant increase in ammo for secondary weapons. “, said a Helldivers 2 player.

Others responded with balance changes: “Either make the gun much more powerful and keep the reload as is, or get rid of the reload one by one and leave the power level alone.”

Another responded with a clever new reloading design: “Mag by mag if there are any bullets left. Quick reload if you've completely emptied it.”

With Helldivers 2's situation improving after server issues at launch, it seems reasonable to say that future updates will likely address the concerns expressed by players.

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