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Helldivers 2 players complain about stratagem damage



The creators of Helldivers 2 apparently made an effort to let the invocation of stratagems become a moment of apprehension. According to the community, you never know who will explode first: the insects or the squad itself.

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The discussion has taken on a comical turn on Reddit, where many players have put the effectiveness of sentries on the agenda. After all, if the closest target for the stratagem to shoot is simply in front of her, why does she turn around and hit some projectiles at the group's operators?

One of the internet users said that to escape the “machine gun” sentry invoked by friends, it is necessary to seek protection and go to higher areas. In a comical tone, he criticized the “missile” sentry, saying that you can only escape the projectiles by praying, and it is optional. Check out:

Just don't stand still near the enemies that are constantly running to get close to you.

Just don't stand near the enemies that are constantly running to stand near you.
byu/DONGBONGER3000 inHelldivers

If Arrowhead intended to do this on purpose, at least it didn't generate complaints. Helldivers 2 players seem to have noticed the evil in the stratagems and should be more careful from now on — or not.

Helldivers 2 peaked at over 400,000 over the weekend

Community interest and engagement in Helldivers 2 is apparently not on the wane. Players have been having a lot of fun and the latest spike in concurrent users on Steam delivers on that. Look here!

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