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Helldivers 2 players demand the buff of this shotgun deemed “useless”



Helldivers 2 has many weapons, but some require buffs due to their weaknesses. Players rightly believe that a certain shotgun requires an immediate buff.

Helldivers 2 is a very fun game, as it offers varied and engaging gameplay for players. You have access to weapons and Stratagems that you can use to take on Terminid and Automaton enemies to liberate planets.

However, some weapons in the game are underpowered and there is a shotgun called the ARC-12 Blitzer that players refer to as ” useless » and for which they demand big buffs.

Helldivers 2 players request ARC-12 Blitze shotgun buff deemed “ useless »

The discussion on the topic was started by Reddit user LnkZr: “ This weapon seriously needs a buff “. He also attached a screenshot of the ARC-12 Blitzer shotgun.

Other players joined the conversation since many of them agreed. One user mentioned: “ Arc damage between enemies never seems to work for me. I can target a group and each shot will only kill one enemy at a time “.

Another user added: “ If he keeps this rate of fire, he should be able to eliminate Hunters with one shot consistently. “.

One player said: “ Unlocked, tried on a defense mission, never again “. Finally, one of the players suggested: “ All it takes is a 0.5-1 second fire rate buff “. In response to this, one user said: “ Indeed. But I would like a little more knockdown power. 2 Rangers and you're dead. Because of his weakness against them. I switched to the Sickle “.

In the end, the Helldivers 2 community is unanimous: the Arc-12 Blitzer shotgun requires significant buffs. Between increasing the rate of fire and strengthening the damage, players are impatiently awaiting adjustments to restore the nobility of this weapon.

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