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Helldivers 2 Players Discover Fire Tornadoes: “No Thanks”



The newest addition to Planetary Hazards introduced in Helldivers 2 is terrifying. Players are not ready for Fire Tornadoes.

Helldivers 2 players have become wary of late. Fear that the secret third faction has already infiltrated the Galactic War or that Game Master Joel has tricked players into creating mutated insects has spread throughout the community.

All of this distracted players from the dangers already present in the game. The real enemy in Helldivers 2 is no longer the hungry Terminids or the impervious Automatons. They are gigantic pillars of apocalyptic flame, bursting from the sky and incinerating everything in their path.

Helldivers 2 players are terrified of Fire Tornadoes on Mudfire

The X/Twitter account Helldivers Alerts recently gave many players their first taste of the Fire Tornado Planetary Hazard, and the experience was quite eye-opening. Seeing how destructive they are has diminished the appeal of Directed Democracy in the hearts of some.

The short clip uploaded by Helldivers Alerts shows at least seven Fire Tornadoes carving paths of destruction across Bogfire. A glance at the images shows that these new Planetary Hazards truly live up to the name of this planet.

The destruction wreaked by these cataclysmic firestorms is a legitimate concern for players. “ But what am I supposed to do when this happens? » asked a dismayed Helldiver.

Players are calling for the implementation of fire-resistant armor in hopes of making dives to Mirefire less intimidating. “ Without any protective measures, it's terrifying on every level “, said a user. Another simply said “ No thanks », accurately expressing the feelings of many.

Other Helldivers took these recently revealed Fire Tornadoes as a challenge and vowed to confront them head on. “ May all forces converge towards Bourbefeu “, ordered a fearless champion of Democracy.

The good thing about Helldivers 2's new Fire Tornadoes – if there can be anything good about them – is that they burn enemies as well as players.

The enemy of the Terminides is a friend to the Helldivers, or at least that's what the saying goes. Good luck, soldiers.

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