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Helldivers 2 players get angry: “we want fixes!”



The Helldivers 2 community continues to grow and Arrowhead continues to release new patches. However, recently, the studio began the plan to provide new content to the community, capable of enriching the gameplay. For this reason, some players revolted on the internet.

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An innocent post on Reddit made by vegasgamer75 reached many players and their complaints echoed among other intergalactic operators. Among the improvements, he called for the following changes:

  • Flamethrower: Prevent the character from becoming out of control when moving and shooting, causing damage to himself, enemies and nearby players.
  • Railgun Orbital Strike: Improve accuracy when selecting targets, avoiding mistakes when ignoring enemies or shooting in the wrong locations.
  • Interruptions in Stim/Reload animations: Fix issues when using Stim or reloading weapon, avoiding unnecessary interruptions.
  • Mechs in damaged condition: Ensure Mechs are delivered in good condition after being ordered.
  • Landing Pod Direction: Improve precision when controlling the Pod's direction, avoiding random movements or movements contrary to the player's command.
  • Surprise enemies: Adjust the behavior of large enemies when they appear behind players, avoiding sudden and unfair attacks.
  • Loading screens: Fix problems when exiting missions, avoiding crashes and black screens.
  • Swim or die: Allow the player to swim or die when in deep water, avoiding situations in which the character is defenseless.
  • Stuck in Pelican Door: Fix issues with getting stuck in the ship door, allowing the player to move freely.
  • Pelican Executions: Add defense or escape options when being attacked by other players while waiting for extraction.
  • Game physics: Adjust the physics to avoid absurd situations, such as being launched into space by small obstacles.
  • Release after being thawed: Prevent the player from becoming trapped after leaving the cryo-pods, allowing normal access to the game controls.

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The suggestions attracted attention, the internet user received support from several other players, and the community came to a consensus: Helldivers 2 is a lot of fun, but really, the bugs

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