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Helldivers 2 players play with fire by taunting Game Master Joel



While the galaxy is experiencing a period of calm, players of Helldivers 2 have adopted a defiant attitude, leading others to warn them about the risks of being noticed by Game Master Joel.

Helldivers 2 players are currently experiencing a legendary time after successfully completing several of the Priority Orders. They have unlocked devastating combat mechs and liberated the Umlaut Sector with industrial quantities of Termicide.

Despite this, most Helldivers keep the machinations of Joel, the famous Game Master, in mind. Some players even fear that Joel will turn their victories into new nightmares. Despite these fears, some Helldivers 2 fans can't resist the urge to openly taunt Joel.

Helldivers 2 players warn those who want to have fun taunting Game Master Joel

Twitter user/X malphier bragged about the recent performance of the Super-Earth defenders, but more cautious players begged him not to provoke the famous Game Master.

The player's post almost seems like a direct challenge to the man behind the Galactic War enemy streams. “ I guess Joel isn't that amazing after all… “, he mocked.

He was not the only one to celebrate this future victory. “ Looks like this Galactic War will be over before my birthday “, speculated a player. Another assumed he would be back with his family for “ Super Christmas “.

Not everyone was as confident and some players warned @malphier and others not to rush. “ For the love of all things democratic, don't anger the space god! » urged a more cautious Helldiver.

Why tempt fate in this way? » asked another player. Many others sent messages of temperance in the face of Joel's possible reaction.

Screenshot of Helldivers 2

It's fun until the day Joel gives nuclear weapons to the insects…

For our part, we think it's unwise to taunt Joel given the unfathomable power he holds over Helldiverse 2's Galactic War.

We'll have to wait and see if this boasting has drawn his ire and, if so, what horrors he will unleash to punish the hubris of Helldivers 2 players.

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