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Helldivers 2 Players Want Medals of Honor Added, But There's a Catch



A Helldivers 2 player suggested a new medal idea for the game, and the community is loving it. However, many cannot ignore the fact that this is not logical at all.

Granted, one of the main goals of Helldivers 2 is to shoot various bugs and robots – but it's hard to forget what you're actually fighting for, especially with all the propaganda displayed in your ship and when initially starting the game .

As you are constantly reminded, Helldivers are the soldiers of freedom, sacrificing their lives for democracy. As a result, you will embark on epic battles, and it is natural that some players will ask for a little more recognition, in the form of medals of honor. However, some don't seem convinced due to one major problem.

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Helldivers 2 players are split on Medals of Honor

Sharing his idea on Reddit, user Reskosack asked the community for their “ Arrowhead review adding Medals of Honor “. They then explained how the developers could include medals for the ” Time spent on Planet X that was liberated, how many people you saved, insects/automatons killed, etc. That would be interesting, it just adds a note to other players about your veteran status “.

He pointed out how many have already unlocked everything once they reach max level or even after level 20 for Stratagems.

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While many loved the idea of ​​being decorated with medals in recognition of their service, some players pointed out a key problem with the idea: the mortality rate of Helldivers.

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As you are told at the start of the game, Helldivers are replaceable, and when you fall in combat, a new Helldiver is ” thawed » to take your place. So this means that medals would be a tricky thing to award to a player who has gone through three or four different Helldivers.

Technically, no Helldiver lives long enough to get rewards » commented one user. So it would be difficult to award a Helldiver a medal for one battle just for him to die at the start of the next mission.

However, one user posted an interesting idea on how these medals can be obtained: “ This is a group reward “.

Helldivers 2 emphasizes community, with players working together to complete missions, liberate planets and stop any threats. So it would make sense to add a community medal that players can wear on any Helldiver they represent.

Whether Arrowhead adds medals remains to be seen, but we do know that customization could be coming to Helldivers 2 soon.

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