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Helldivers 2 players want to resolve the problem of grievance linked to friendly fire



Helldivers 2 players want a small change to friendly fire to eliminate the issue of grieving during extraction.

Like countless other multiplayer games, Helldivers 2 has a problem with grievance. This is the act of deliberately harming the gaming experience of other players.

Since the game allows friendly fire (friendly fire), Griegers join random teams and kill their teammates for no reason.

As a result, while the community continues to debate the necessity of the friendly fire feature, many players agree that developers should disable it during the mining sequence.

Helldivers 2 Players Can't Disable Friendly Fire But Demand Change

Currently, friendly fire cannot be disabled. However, players believe the feature should be able to be disabled while mining.

Reddit user BaerMinUhMuhm expressed his feelings in a recent post. He complained about the griefers during the extraction. The player explained that someone in his lobby had recently killed two-thirds of the team on the plane because he “didn't care.” completely fucked up “. Unfortunately, for him, he was unable to expel the grieger.

There is no logical reason to allow shooting at someone who is already in the ship. »added the Helldivers 2 player.

Helldivers 2 fans responding to the thread agreed that friendly fire and Pelican should not mix. One player wrote: Honestly, I see no point in having friendly fire inside the Pelican “.

Squad in Helldivers 2

Another person took the debate further. He added : ” There should be no damage, period. The moment you lose control of your character and the scripted 'sit' animation begins, you should be completely invulnerable “.

Someone else offered another suggestion, saying that targeted removal of the feature should include an explanation. “ There should be a shimmering 'Dune' style shield at the entrance, soldiers allowed, projectiles repelled “.

It's unclear if Arrowhead will address this issue in a future Helldivers 2 update. Fingers crossed.

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