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Helldivers 2 “review bomb” cover is real and coming soon



Remember when Arrowhead got out of that really annoying situation involving the “mandatory” PSN for PC players and Helldivers 2 was bombarded with negative reviews on Steam? A cover inspired by the moment was speculated by then executive director Johan Pilestedt, and apparently, it is real and will arrive soon.

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That week, the community hadn’t really liked the implementation of the function in the title. As a form of protest, some of the players posted many negative ratings, which were shared on Steam and the graph received a “red note” in the bulletin.

After this situation passed, the graph with the drop in ratings remained on Steam, but Pilestedt played with immortalizing that moment. Now, he has returned to talking about the item on social media, and with an interesting update:

loco_storm: Hey Pilestedt, how are these bomb review covers going? I haven’t heard anything from them since the incident and was wondering if they were still in preparation.

Pilestedt: Right. It’s done on our end, but we want to find the right time to launch it.

Do you want to use this Helldivers 2 cover?

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