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Helldivers 2 studio director denies purchase by Sony



Apparently, the rumors about a possible acquisition of Arrowhead Game Studios, from Helldivers 2, by Sony, are not true. The company's CEO, Johan Pilestedt, once again used social media to interact with fans and denied that there is an agreement with the PlayStation manufacturer.

“This is false… Unless I missed something”, wrote the executive, in response to a fan's question about the speculated sale. He also mocked the art created to announce the news on NeoGAF: “Also, they used a shitty logo from 2008 or something, when we had just opened the studio.”

In other words, even with all the success that Helldivers 2 has been having, Arrowhead was not sold this time. Which doesn't mean that this can't happen in the near future. After all, it would be a very natural move for Sony itself or even for other giants in the market that are keeping an eye on the work.

Helldivers 2: Mechas are confirmed and arriving “soon”

The rumors were correct. Mechas are on the way to Helldivers 2. In publication on official game profiles on social media, Arrowhead used art showing that “Patriot Exosuits” are being manufactured and will arrive on intergalactic battlefields soon. Click here to read more.

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