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Helldivers 2 “Viper” Commandos: War Bonds with Bite



The next premium War Bonds in Helldivers 2 are called “Viper” Commandos and allow you to venture into the jungle. Here’s everything you need to know.

A new month means new War Bonds in Helldivers 2. Last month, Premium War Bonds introduced the Great Cold Patriots. Today, it’s time for greenery and reptiles with the “Viper” Commandos.

Unlike Patriots of the Great Cold which focused more on ice and snow, the Viper Commandos theme immerses players in a dense and humid jungle atmosphere. This War Bond features a set of weapons and armor inspired by forest environments and guerrilla tactics. Here’s everything that’s been revealed about it, including its release date, new weapons, armor, and other exclusive items.

Helldiver in Commando War Bonds "Viper" from Helldiverse 2

Release date for “Viper” Commando War Bonds

Helldivers 2 “Viper” Premium Commando War Bonds will be released on June 13, 2024. This time, the Helldivers will “ run in the jungle ”, according to the developers.

As its name suggests, Commandos “Vipère” will present new items on the theme of the jungle.

New “Viper” Commando Weapons in Helldivers 2

New Commando War Bond weapon "Viper" from Helldiverse 2

We are entitled to a total of three new weaponswhether primary, secondary or utility: the rifle AR-23A Liberatorthere SG-22 Bushwacker and the K2 throwing knife.

  • AR-23A Liberator Carbine : A modified rifle with a shortened shape, providing better maneuverability, but with increased recoil.
  • SG-22 Bushwhacker : The first pump gun in Helldivers 2, with two different firing modes: one shot at a time or all three at once for more power.
  • K2 Throwing Knife : Imagine taking down a crowd of Terminids and finding yourself out of ammo with only one insect remaining, with no time to reload. You dive back and throw a hunting knife into his shell just before he hits you. Great, right?

New armor and capes for the “Viper” Commando War Bonds

New Commando War Bond armor "Viper" from Helldiverse 2

Helldivers love discovering and wearing new Armor and Capes and the developers have concocted some great new features for us in the “Viper” Commando War Obligations.

  • PH-9 Predator : Inspired by a veteran of the Viper Commandos, who would have held off an entire brood of Terminids with only a machine gun, a pocket knife and an Orbital Laser. The headdress includes a beret, and it looks awfully cool when combined with the Mark of the Crimson Fang cape.
  • PH-202 Twigsnapper : It looks impressive when paired with the Crimson Fang cape. No Terminid will dare approach you.

The two armors of these War Bonds are equipped with the passive skill “Advanced Physique”, which improves melee damage and weapon handling. They also feature bare arms (and bulging biceps, with a variety of random skin tones) to keep you cool while diving in the humid atmosphere.

Speaking of capes, “Viper” Commandos bring from the depths of the jungle the capes Mark of the Crimson Fang And Executioner’s Canopy to give even more style to your new armor.

New Helldivers 2 “Viper” Commando Bonuses, Patterns, and Emotes

Commando War Bonds Pattern "Viper" from Helldiverse 2

Another exciting addition to this War Obligation is the arrival of the Undergrowth pattern to customize your Hellpods, Exoskeletons and Pelican-1, inspired by classic forest and tiger stripe camouflage patterns. Enough to push the customization of your equipment even further, for a unique look for your squad.

There is also a new bonus called Experimental Infusionwhich gives your stims an extra bonus by increasing your movement speed and reducing the damage you take for a short time.

Finally, the three new victory poses, or emotes, Test of Conviction, Welcome Worship And Guns of LibertyYou will be welcome to celebrate democracy in style.

And finally, don’t forget the 300 Supercredits waiting for you and the brand new Player Title: Viper Commandoto show the Terminides that your venom, infused with freedom, is more powerful than theirs.

War Bond Futures Changes

In addition to announcing the “Viper” Commandos, the development team at Arrowhead Game Studios wanted to comment on the future of War Bonds, following feedback from players. Two major changes are expected for future War Bonds:

  1. Slowdown in the pace of release of new War Bonds : This will allow more time to refine designs before release, thus avoiding rushing publication.
  2. Reorganization of items in each War Obligation : This change aims to integrate new types of items and improve the quality of weapons and armor, in order to prevent new weapons from becoming redundant or armor from being uninteresting.

So, all you have to do is wait until June 13 to dive into the jungle with the “Viper” Commando War Bonds. In the meantime, to find out more about Arrowhead’s game, consult the Helldivers 2 section of our site.

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