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Helldivers 2: Why complete Priority Orders even after they end



The battle for Democracy does not end after a Priority Order. The developers of Helldivers 2 now encourage soldiers to continue fighting for the story rather than the Medals.

Every Helldiver needs a reward for their efforts, and fortunately, when it comes to a Priority Order, you will receive Medals for your sacrifice. However, if the players fail, the soldiers receive nothing except great frustration. Nonetheless, Super-Earth is now calling on Helldivers 2 players to keep fighting, as it could dramatically change the game's story.

Capturing Tibit after the OP expires will not earn you the medal rewards, but it will still make a difference in the upcoming story and future OPs “, shared a Helldivers 2 developer on the game's Discord, revealing how important it is to continue fighting for these planets chosen for Priority Orders.

Naturally, the Helldivers 2 community immediately expressed shock and surprise on the game's Reddit, with many players citing the wish they had received the information sooner.

“II didn't think it would happen like that “, commented a user. Another seemed rather frustrated with the lack of transparency within the game itself. He added: “ I really wish more was communicated in the game “.

Nonetheless, the post proved how important each mission is to both Super-Earth and Helldivers. Indeed, many now admit that they will “ go to Tibit out of spite. OP or not, these arrogant robots will taste Democracy “.

Many other players reveal that they “ don't care about medals » and instead fight for “ the future of Super-Earth » or for these Priority Orders which unlock “ new strategies or equipment sooner, like for mechas “.

The game's developers have explained that not having successfully completed the previous Priority Order does not reduce the importance of capturing Tibit for Democracy and, hopefully, for acquiring new weapons, Stratagems or vehicles as well. expected in Helldivers 2.

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