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Helldivers 2's Automaton faction could soon conquer the skies



New information about Helldivers 2 suggests that the Automatons are developing gunships, so players are preparing for the worst.

The Automaton faction in Helldivers is not to be taken lightly; after all, players quickly decided that robot enemies were the sequel's biggest challenge.

So the community cheered when developer Arrowhead surprise-released the new Canon Quasar stratagem, which can wipe out bugs and robots with relative ease. The incredibly powerful weapon can even take down drop ships.

However, a recent in-game discovery suggests that the Quasar Cannon could exterminate bugs and bots with ease.

On March 27, the day after the latest stratagems arrived, Reddit user ErenCz shared a screenshot of a deployment notice in Helldivers.

The message informs Miscellaneous of an alarming transmission which confirms that a new type of Automaton is in development: aerial combat ships. The soldiers need not worry, however, since the best and brightest forces of democracy have been “instructed to accelerate production” on the“the most effective anti-aircraft weapon. »

In other words, flying Automatons could appear in Helldivers 2 in the not too distant future. The community also believes that the Quasar Cannon, perhaps a little too powerful, represents the cited anti-air weaponry that will help combat them.

One Reddit user put it succinctly: “Now I understand why they gave us the Quasar Cannon and why it is so good. »

Another commenter added: “People really thought they gave us an aerial ship killer for the drop ships. »

Currently, there is no official announcement on when the Automaton faction will deploy their new flying types into the skies of Helldivers 2. Players should prepare themselves, however, especially since the flying Terminids have already wreaked havoc on the field of battle.

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