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Hello Kitty Island Adventure is coming to PlayStation in 2025



We had Nintendo Direct this Tuesday (18), and Sunblink showed Hello Kitty Island Adventure, an Animal Crossing-style game. In addition to the Nintendo Switch version, editions for PS4 and PS5 will be present when it is released for new platforms in 2025.

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The game has been available for Apple Arcade since July 2023. As players liked the initial proposal, Chelsea Howe, head of products at Sunblink, decided to bring this open-world adventure to a larger audience:

The tremendous response from fans and critics to our initial release was beyond our wildest dreams. We’re so excited to bring these charming, cozy island vibes to more players next year. Just as we have since launch, we will continue to add new features, storylines, and rewards to the game over the coming months so that all players, regardless of platform, have the best experience possible, without compromise.

For those of you who haven’t seen how Hello Kitty Island Adventure works, watch the video below:


Hello Kitty Island Adventure is multiplayer and has no microtransactions

In addition to creating their characters to adventure in this open world, Hello Kitty Island Adventure players play in a multiplayer proposal with many building and creation elements.


To make the proposal even better, Sunblink will not include any microtransactions in the game.

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