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Hellsweeper VR patch brings visual improvements and content



“Wrath Update”, a major content update for Hellsweeper VR, is available for download. The patch brings new threats to the game and includes native support for foveated rendering technology via eye tracking on PS VR2.

Regarding enemies, the highlights of the patch are the Wrath class and variations of act bosses with elemental powers. To combat them, players will be able to use the Mage Staff, listed by the Blacksmith after being upgraded to level four.

Hellsweeper VR
Source: Mixed Realms

Hellsweeper VR also receives a reward system for classes (Epithets), Blood Magic infusions at Imperfect level, new spellcasting for Unholy rank five and a map modifier called Treasure Box.

The new features in technical aspects include improvements in lighting, the look of boss arenas and the quality of shadows. Additionally, dynamic foveated rendering allows the experience to be smoother and more immersive, especially in high-intensity moments.

Finally, Mixed Realms made adjustments to the progression system, balance of advantages, enemy behavior, interface and cooperation. To check out the full patch notes, click here.

Hellsweeper VR
Source: Mixed Realms

Hellsweeper VR is available for PS VR2, Meta Quest and PC VR.

Learn more about Hellsweeper VR

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

The creators of Sairento VR bring you a first-person combat and action game in which you explore hell.

In Hellsweeper VR, you traverse different dimensions, wield weapons with deadly precision, command the forces of telekinesis, and summon unknown powers to eliminate vicious enemies.

Improve and customize your skills to experience unique combat full of variations and become a Hellsweeper.

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