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Hidetaka Miyazaki melts for Bloodborne: “very special”



When someone raises a topic that you understand and like, any conversation becomes extremely interesting, right? People like us, Hidetaka Miyazaki also has a chat. When they mentioned Bloodborne during his interview with Game Informer magazine, he fell in love with the PS4 exclusive.

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When praising Miyazaki and the work done on the RPG during the chat, the Japanese creator reacted super spontaneously: “I’m very happy to hear that. Bloodborne is a very special game for me too. I’m very, very happy to hear you say that.

When asked why the game is so special, he went further in his response:

Several reasons. The first is that it was probably one of the most challenging development cycles we’ve had from a studio perspective. The second, perhaps the biggest element, is how personal it was to me in the sense that I conveyed many of my own ideas into this game, be it the story, the world-building component, or even the gameplay mechanics and systems that are in force. It’s perhaps the strongest reflection of my type of gaming preference that anyone can experience.

Source: FromSoftware

Even FromSoftware devs want Bloodborne on PC

Miyazaki said he is not against a possible Bloodborne port on PC. In fact, many developers are in favor of the idea and ask about the title’s arrival on a new platform. Check it out here!

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