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HITMAN: A legendary Elusive Target returns soon

Der Entwickler IO Interactive setzt „HITMAN: World of Assassination“ mit einem neuen DLC-Pack fort, das zugleich ein legendäres Elusive Target reaktiviert. Am 22. März erscheint die „The Undying“ Mission, die für vier Wochen kostenlos gespielt werden kann. „The Undying“ war eines der ersten Elusive Targets in „Hitman 2“, in der Spieler Mark Fabia alias Sean



HITMAN: A legendary Elusive Target returns soon

Developer IO Interactive is continuing “HITMAN: World of Assassination” with a new DLC pack that also reactivates a legendary Elusive Target. At the March 22 “The Undying” mission appears, which can be played for free for four weeks.

“The Undying” was one of the first Elusive Targets in “Hitman 2,” allowing players to hunt down Mark Fabia aka Sean Bean. The actor will reprise the role of the former MI5 agent who now works as a hitman and has a nasty habit of faking his own death.

Available free to all players

Players who missed The Undying back then can try the mission again in the free starter pack. As long as “The Undying” is available, the mission can be repeated as often as you like.

All owners of the “HITMAN World of Assassination” also have free access to the mission and permanent access to “The Undying” via the Elusive Target Arcade. If completed successfully, there will be a new in-game reward.

Together with the The Undying Elusive Target A new DLC pack will be released on March 22nd, containing the following:

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  • The Ouroboros – A three-level arcade quest that The Undying Elusive Target contains and allows permanent access to the mission through Arcade Mode
  • “The Ephemeral” suit with eye patch
  • Three items: Kronstadt Mini Flash Robo XOI-2900, Kronstadt IOI-1998X Surround Earphones, Kronstadt Explosive Pen (Gen 2)
  • A range of cosmetic items for the Freelancer Safehouse, inspired by the iconic Elusive Target mission.
The Season of Undying in HITMAN
The Season of Undying in HITMAN

The Season of Undying

The return of “The Undying” mission is also the start of the season of the same name, which includes new content for several months.

In keeping with Easter, the Berlin Egg Hunt will return and unlock the raver suit. New challenges put Agent 47's skills to the test – rewards include various deadly items

Five recurring Elusive Targets will also be available, as well as three rounds of curated contracts. Last but not least, a Twitch drop will be unlocked containing the Purple Streak Duck. Players must watch HITMAN World of Assassination on Twitch for one hour between March 22nd and 30th to unlock this item.

IO Interactive has summarized all the details about the “Season of Undying” on its own blog.

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