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“Hobbit farm”, Tales of The Shire entertains



Tales of the Shire is a different game than what one might imagine for a Lord of the Rings game. Forget combat, adventure and tension. The Private Division title is an invitation to a more relaxing, light and fun game, where you transform into a hobbit and need to complete different tasks to help your community in Hobbit Village.

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O MyPS had the opportunity to test the game on the Play Days of the Summer Game Fest, and the first impressions were very positive. Again, making it very clear that it is a game with a Stardew Valley-style proposal.

Right away, it was possible to create the hobbit, using the various character customization tools available. Afterwards, there was a small activity guide and the quest was finally released to begin work. In this case, related to cooking.

Tales of the ShireTales of the Shire

Cooking is an important part of the game and has several interesting aspects. Collecting ingredients, creating recipes, seasonings and timing are all part of the challenge. During the evaluation, we only had access to this mission, but in the final version there will be more tasks, such as construction, collecting specific items and so on.

Everything with very cute graphics, several possibilities for exploration, such as fishing, as well as a cool narrative that involves getting to know the other Hobbits better and understanding each one’s personality to continue building and improving the village. The dialogues are really cool, and so are the characters.

Tales of the ShireTales of the Shire

Overall, it was a cool experience and will probably please anyone who enjoys this genre and, especially, those who are also fans of the hobbits.

Tales of the Shire will be available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Learn more about Tales of the Shire: A The Lord of the Rings Game

Read the game’s description below, according to its official Steam page:

Create your own Hobbit and build a life in Birágua. Although it is not yet an officially established village in Hobbit Village, it is up to you to help this curious village prosper.

Ensure complete comfort by decorating your own den, tend to the garden and vegetable garden, fish in clear ponds, collect wild fruits and herbs or trade with the inhabitants. Prepare homemade meals to share and make friends.

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