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Hogwarts Legacy has new mystery discovered in Hogsmeade



A store found in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy caught the attention of internet users because it has mechanics that few knew about. Depending on the door chosen to enter the establishment, its entire internal appearance may change.

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The news was shared by internet user Khaosbrown on Reddit, and caught the attention of several wizards and witches who are or have already ventured into the open-world RPG from the world of Harry Potter. This business is called Bingle & Batch, and you can see how everything changes in the video below:

Just noticed this piece of dev magic, 3 interiors in one shop depending on which door you enter… 👏🪄
byu/khaosbrown inHarryPotterGame

I just repaired this magic left by the devs. There are three interior designs in just one store depending on which door you enter.

In the comments, many said they rushed into Bingle & Batch and noticed a difference between visits. However, the reason was not that clear. After all, depending on how you see the store's facade, you don't waste time and go right in to explore and find out what they sell.

Have you ever seen anything similar in your adventures at Hogwarts Legacy?

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