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Hogwarts Legacy surpassed Zelda sales in 2023



Hogwarts Legacy e Link de The Legend of Zelda sobre um fundo vermelho e azul

Warner Bros and Nintendo released Hogwarts Legacy and The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom in 2023. The two games had a notable performance in sales, and finally, with the official sales figures released, it was confirmed that the RPG of Harry Potter was the “champion”.

Warner had previously announced that the game surpassed 22 million units sold last year. But Nintendo still needed to confirm the performance of the Breath of the Wild sequel. In the Japanese giant's latest report, they shared the numbers: 20.28 million.

Hogwarts LegacyHogwarts Legacy
Source: WB Games

Hogwarts Legacy even surpassed Call of Duty sales in the US and stood out throughout 2023 as a multiplatform title that had different release dates. The PS5, Xbox Series and PC versions arrived before the PS4 and Xbox One, for example. The Nintendo Switch version only saw the light of day at the end of the year.

On the other hand, Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom reached these numbers as a Nintendo Switch exclusive, released in May 2023.

Will we have other major franchises selling as well in 2024?

Hogwarts Legacy continues to sell the same butterbeer: 24 million

And going beyond 2023, Hogwarts Legacy continues to be very successful in sales. After the 22 million reported in 2023, the number has already jumped in 2024 to 24 million. Find out more details here!

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