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“Horrible” Ranked MW3 matchmaking pits bronzes against the top 250



MW3's Ranked mode has come under fire as several low-ranked players have been forced to face high-ranked players, with one player recently having his all-bronze team take on four players ranked in the top 250.

Modern Warfare 3's Ranked mode launched during Season 1 Update Reload. As one of the most requested game modes, players were eager to jump into the action.

However, over the weeks, Ranked mode has been criticized by both content creators and casual players. While previous iterations of this mode were far from perfect, MW3 took the prize for one of the most flawed matchmaking systems.

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With no news from Sledgehammer Games, posts on Reddit began to emerge discussing matchmaking issues.

MW3 players criticize Ranked mode for its unbalanced games

A Reddit user recently shared a screenshot of a ranked match of MW3 featuring a team of Bronze ranked players facing opponents who were all in the top 250.

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I heard that matchmaking isn't even based solely on your rank in Ranked“, said one user. “It also takes into consideration your performance in public play. So if you are a good player, then it will match you with players of similar skill from the start, regardless of your rank. Bronze players can be paired with Crimson players just because the game thinks the skill level between the players is 'equivalent'.

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Fans responded to this comment with displeasure, with some calling the matchmaking system “horrible“, while others wondered if there was a way reverse boosting was involved, which could make the teams so unequal.

No additional updates to MW3's Ranked mode have been made since the release of Update Reloaded. However, with the game's second season on the horizon, changes could be coming soon.

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