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Hotel Renovator will be released on March 12th for PS5



The high season is about to begin on PS5. From March 12th, owners of Sony's new generation console can purchase Hotel Renovator, a management and simulation title focused on managing all the services of a growing hotel.

In the game, players take on the management of an old and neglected hotel. In decline, the establishment has not received customers regularly for years, but there is still hope for it to reach the long-awaited five-star mark.

However, the path to the top will not be easy. Hotel renovation activities include removing wallpaper, changing carpets, gutting walls and completely customizing all amenities — from guest rooms to large waiting halls.

According to Two Horizons, Hotel Renovator has more than 2,000 item options and will come with an online mode to share creations with the community. Additionally, the Five Star edition will also become available on March 12, guaranteeing five additional cosmetics and two architectural plans.

Watch the game trailer below:

Hotel Renovator is available for PC.

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Find out more about Hotel Renovator

Read the game's description below, according to its official page on the PS Store:

Unleash your creativity and create the hotel of your dreams! Go on a remodeling adventure and transform an old hotel into a successful establishment.

Generate new equipment, create original and personalized rooms with more than 2000 decoration designs and create an exceptional place. Play however you want, share your best creations with the community and be inspired by the works of other renovators.

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